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2017 年高考英语代词专项练习第一组01.Larry asks Tonny and Peter to go on a picnic with him,but _ of them wants to,because they have work to do.02.Many people have donated that type of blood;however,the blood bank still needs _.03.-John,when shall we meet again,Thursday or Friday?-_.Ill be off to London then.04.They dont come to the book club any more,for _ reasons or other.05.When he took his gloves off,I noticed that _ one had his name written inside.06.Sophia waited for a reply,but _ came.07.My brother would like to buy a good watch but was available from that shop.08.-Have you figured out how much the trip will cost?-$4,000,or _ like that.09.Studying Wendys menu,I found that many of the items are similar to _ of McDonald s.10.If you re buying todays paper from the stand,could you get_ for me?Keys:1.neither 2.more 3.Neither 4.some 5.either/each 6.none 7.none 8.something 9.those 10.one 第二组01.To stay awake,he finished a cup of coffee and ordered _.02.Surprisingly,Susan s beautiful hair reached below her knees and made _ almost an overcoat for her.03.I got this bicycle for _:My friend gave it to me when she bought a new one.04.I knew that _ would ever discourage him;he would never give up wanting to be a director.05.-Would you get me a bar of chocolate from the kitchen,dear?-one?(还吃啊?)06.-Silly me!I forget what my luggage looks like.-What do you think of _ over there?07.We feel our duty to make our country a better place.08.We have various summer camps for your holidays.You can choose _ based on your own interests.09.The two girls are so alike that strangers find _ difficult to tell one from the other.10.-Would you like tea or coffee?-_,thank you.Ive just had some water.11.Since people are fond of humor,it is as welcome in conversation as _ else.12.The employment rate has continued to rise in big cities thanks to the efforts of the local governments to increase .Keys:1.another 2.itself 3.nothing/free 4.nothing 5.another 6.that 7.it 8.one 9.it 10.Neither 11.anywhere 12.it 第三组01.You are a team star!Working with is really your cup of tea.02.Ill spend half of my holiday practicing English and _ half learning drawing.03.Neither side is prepared to talk to _ unless we can smooth things over between them.04.It is said that two man-made structures are clearly visible from space.One is the Great Wall of China,and is Japan s Kansai International Airport.05.If our parents do everything for us children,we wont learn to depend on .06._ in my life impressed me so deeply as my first visit to the Palace Museum.07.He had lost his temper and his health in the war and never found _ of them again.08.Helping others is a habit,_ you can learn even at an early age.09.On my desk is a photo that my father took of when I was a baby.10.Swimming is my favorite sport.There is like swimming as a means of keeping fit.11.When you introduce me to Mr.Johnson,could you please say_ for me?12._ thats important is that you are doing your best and moving in the right direction.13.The cost of renting a house in central Xian is higher than _ in any other area of the city.keys:1.others 2.the other 3.the other 4.the other 5.ourselves 6.Nothing 7.either 8.one/which 9.me 10.nothing 11.something 12.All 13.that 第四组01.Being a parent is not always easy,and being the parent of a child with special needs often carries with _ extra stress.02.I felt so bad all day yesterday that I decided this morning I couldnt face _ day like that.03.Jane was asked a lot of questions,but she didnt answer _ of them.04.Wow!You ve got so many clothes.But _ of them are in fashion now.05.I like this house with a beautiful garden in front,but I dont have enough money to buy _.06.Charles was alone at home,with looking after him.07.The CDs are on sale!Buy one and you get completely free.08.Over the past 20 years,the Internet helped change our world in _ way or another for the better.09.Nine in ten parents said there were significant differences in their approach to educating their children compared with _ _ of their parents.keys:1.it 2.another 3.any 4.none 5.it 6.no one/nobody 7.one/another 8.one 9.that 第五组01.How do you find your new classmates?Most of them are kind,but _ is so good to me as Bruce.02.He doesn t have furniture in his room-just an old desk.03.-Could we see each other at 3 oclock this afternoon?-Sorry,lets make it time.04.To know more about the British Museum,you can use the Internet or go to the library,or _.05.The manager believes prices will not rise by more than _ four percent.06.Make sure youve got the passports and tickets and _ before you leave.07.The English spoken in the United States is only slightly different from
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